The Importance of Optometry Exams

3 Types Of People Who Might Need Behavioral Optometry

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People use computers on a regular basis, including those small enough to fit in our pocket. As a result, many people are spending much more time focusing their eyesight on something that is less than 12-16 inches away. This can cause a great deal of stress on the eyes, which could result in swelling, redness, or watery eyes. All of these symptoms are uncomfortable. In order to relieve this discomfort and make it easier to focus on these screens, many people are turning to the help of a behavioral optometrist, who uses a variety of methods,...

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Keep Your Eyes In Great Shape By Following These Simple Practices

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Taking care of your eyes is so important if you want to have good vision throughout your life. Like any part of your body, you can do certain practices to help maintain the good health of your eyes and reduce the chance of vision problems in the future. Get Used to Wearing Sunglasses Outdoors Being exposed to direct sunlight is just one way that you could be harming your eyes due to ultraviolet rays outdoors. Instead of increasing the chances of cataracts and other vision problems, look into buying a pair of sunglasses that has protection...

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