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Contact Lens Care And Tips

Contacts are a great way to be able to see clearly without changing your appearance. Contact lenses can be worn by just about anyone that needs lenses to see, but that doesn't mean everyone should wear them. Contact lenses need to be cared for properly and worn with care. If you aren't responsible enough to wear them properly, contact lenses may not be for you. Improper use or wear can lead to eye infections or the worsening of your eyesight. See below for care tips for your contact lenses.

Clean Them Often

Your lenses should be cleaned before you put them in your eyes in the morning and after you take them out. To clean them, use a small amount of contact solution and pour it into the lens, then gently rub the lens between your finger and thumb. Be sure not to rub it too much, as you could easily tear your lenses. Repeat for both lenses. Also be sure to rinse out your lens case every day and never re-use the lens solution inside the case.

Give Your Eyes A Break

Give your eyes a break often from your lenses. Contact lenses help you to see, but if you wear them too much they can actually begin to dry out your eyes and worsen your sight from over-wear. Take your lenses out when you are at home, or wear your glasses to give your eyes a break and allow them to breathe. Do not sleep in your lenses unless you have the type that you can sleep in.

Change Your Lenses As Directed

If you have disposable lenses, wear them as directed. Do not wear them for longer than directed, as the lenses can thin, tear or even dry out. Wearing them too long can harm your sight.

Visit The Optometrist

Also be sure to see your optometrist for an updated prescription. Just because you have enough contact lenses to last you for four years doesn't mean you should wear them for that long. Be sure to go to the eye doctor for an eye exam to be sure your prescription didn't worsen. If your eye sight has worsened, you will need different lenses. Update your prescription and purchase new lenses. Don't try to get by with the old prescription as you'll harm your eyes.

Contact lenses require care and responsibility to ensure they are helping your sight and not harming it. Speak to your optometrist about lens care and other helpful tips.