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3 Things To Consider As You Buy Contacts Online

Whether you wear hard or soft contact lenses, you will have to replace them as they wear out to avoid potential eye infections or irritation. You also want to make sure you keep a large supply of contact lenses in your bathroom cupboard so you always have a pair to wear when you need them.

Contacts from your optometrist's office can be pricey and take a while to get shipped in if you have a unique prescription or eye shape. This can mean you not only have to go back to your eye doctor to pick up your lenses, you have to pay more for them as well. Many people buy their contact lenses online to avoid extra costs and repeat visits to the eye doctor.

Before you click on just any purchase button online for your new contacts, consider these 3 things first. This guide will help you shop wisely:

Brand of lenses

If you have never worn a certain brand of lenses before, you will want to try them on before you buy them online. Your eye doctor can fit you with a trial pair of lenses that you can wear for a few days to see if you like the way they feel and how they allow you to see. If you like a brand, you can then buy it online (ask your eye doctor what their office charges for lenses first, so you know how to look for a better deal online).

Shipping costs/time

You want to make sure the contact lenses you are buying online will be received by you in an appropriate time frame. Check shipping times before you click the 'buy' button so you can go to a different site if where you are looking takes too long to ship.  If the contacts you want are on the lower end of your budget, check the shipping costs, if applicable- sometimes online stores don't charge for shipping if you buy a certain number of contact lenses or reach a certain price point before check out.

Automated buying

Contact lenses are the type of purchase you will need to make again and again. Some online contact suppliers will allow you to auto-generate your orders so you receive new contacts every few weeks or months. This is often done at a discount as well since you are a valued, repeat customer. Explore this option as you shop online for contact lenses as it can save you the hassle from having to remember to reorder every month.

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