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4 Ways To Relieve Eye Fatigue

With the many devices that are used today eye fatigue is inevitable from time to time. If your eyes are feeling tired from using your phone, tablet or computer too much, here are some tips you can use to rest your tired eyes.

How Can You Be Sure You Have Eye Fatigue?

Some of the major symptoms of eye fatigue are sensitivity to light, a headache, blurred vision or itchy or sore eyes.

How Can You Ease Eye Fatigue?

1. Close Your Eyes

Sometimes your eyes just need a break for an extended period of time. Set an alarm for five or ten minutes on your phone or clock and put on some soothing music. Close your eyes and do not open them for five or ten minutes. These five or ten minutes will be enough to make the tear film in your eye spread evenly across the eye and restore moisture that can relieve itchy and sore eyes. Try not to move your eyes while they are closed, so that your eye muscles can relax as well.

2. Palming

Stand in a comfortable position or you can sit if you prefer. Rub your hands together to get them warm. Cup your hands over your eyes and let the warmth penetrate your eyes. Do this for five minutes, letting the warmth of your palm soothe your tired eyes. If after five minutes you think your eyes need even more rest then you can repeat the process again.

3. Use A Compress

Boil some water until it is warm, dip a washcloth in the water and wring out the water. Fold the cloth in half twice. Lie back on your bed or a sofa and place the compress over your eyes for at least ten minutes. Be careful not to move your eyes while they are closed. The combination of rest and warmth will soothe and rest tired eye muscles helping you to see better.

4. Look Away

When you use electronic devices, there is a tendency to blink less and this strains the eye muscles. One simple way to save your vision and reduce eye stress is to look away from the screen and blink when you feel eye fatigue. Looking away for even a short amount of time can restore vision that has become blurred.

Consistently using devices such as tablets, cellphones and computers can cause your eyes to become fatigued quickly and this can damage your vision if you do not develop a habit of resting your eyes. Resting your eyes for a few minutes when they become tired is all you need to help preserve your vision. Contact a company like River Valley Eye Care for more information.